Kelly Richey

Обложка альбома Kelly RicheyGuitar virtuoso Kelly Richey has written and coproduced an all-original studio recording, Carry the Light, which will firmly grab the attention of the press and music fans everywhere. Richey’s songwriting and vocals underscore her powerful, take-no-prisoners guitar playing, firmly expressing her genuine talent and versatility. Carry the Light, released on her own Sweet Lucy Records, reflects every bit of Richey’s stellar guitar tone and style, while propelling her into a new light as a thoughtful and insightful singer/songwriter. The 11 tracks range from personal reflection, contemplation and illumination to questioning the world we live in, all the while capturing the defining sound of The Kelly Richey Band. “This CD was written with two dear friends: one is my guitar mentor, John Redell, and the other, Steve Carroll, came to me as a guitar student/songwriter,” says Richey. “Each week for four months, John and I got together and hammered out song ideas. Many songs were passed on to Steve to add either a chorus or bridge, or to strengthen the melody line.
  • Трек: I Gotta Move
  • Исполнитель (артист): Kelly Richey
  • Длительность 3:52
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Kelly Richey - I Gotta Move"

    • 11:46
      Kelly RicheyHey Joe
    • 4:21
      Kelly RicheyI Don't Feel so Good
    • 5:45
      Kelly RicheyThe Longest Road
    • 11:20
      Kelly RicheyCrossroads
    • 4:27
      Kelly RicheyNothin' to Do with Love
    • 6:29
      Kelly RicheyNobody's Fault but Mine
    • 4:56
      Kelly RicheyOne Way Ticket
    • 4:40
      Kelly RicheyLifetime Guarantee
    • 10:12
      Kelly RicheyTears Like Rain
    • 10:07
      Kelly RicheyIs There Any Reason
    • 2:16
      Kelly RicheyLeavin' It All Behind
    • 3:10
      Kelly RicheyI Went Down Easy
    • 3:46
      Kelly RicheyToo Late
    • 3:46
      Kelly RicheyAll the Help I Can Get
    • 4:49
      Kelly RicheyJust a Thing
    • 2:55
      Kelly RicheySisters Gotta Problem
    • 11:13
      Kelly RicheyRisin' Sun
    • 3:11
      Kelly RicheyFeelin' Under
    • 9:44
      Kelly RicheyIs There Any Reason
    • 3:38
      Kelly RicheySomething's Going On
    • 12:01
      Kelly RicheySister's Gotta Problem
    • 4:03
      Kelly RicheyNow You Need Me
    • 6:10
      Kelly RicheySending Me Angels
    • 9:32
      Kelly RicheyNobody's Fault
    • 4:20
      Kelly RicheyWorkin' Hard Woman
    • 3:39
      Kelly RicheyFast Drivin' Mama
    • 7:49
      Kelly RicheyEverybody Needs a Change
    • 11:04
      Kelly RicheyRed House
    • 4:15
      Kelly RicheyLivin' on Love
    • 3:27
      Kelly RicheyAngel from Heaven
    • 5:21
      The Kelly Richey bandRipped and Torn
    • 4:27
      Kelly RicheyNothin' With Love
    • 5:09
      KELLY RICHEYEyes Of a Woman
    • 9:28
      Kelly RicheyHey Joe
    • 4:00
      The Kelly Richey BandGood Days Bad Day's
    • 3:56
      Kelly RicheyEverybody Needs a Change
    • 3:22
      Kelly RicheyI Went Down Easy
    • 3:02
      Kelly RicheyFeelin' Under
    • 5:19
      Kelly RicheyThe Artist In Me
    • 7:13
      The Kelly Richey BandIs There Any Reason
    • 4:18
      Kelly RicheyFading
    • 2:35
      Kelly Richey BandOnly the Bird Knows
    • 3:45
      The Kelly Richey BandOne Day We'll Feel the Sun
    • 3:02
      Kelly Richey BandMy Baby's Gone Crazy
    • 3:04
      Kelly RicheyFast Drivin' Mama
    • 7:13
      The Kelly Richey BandIs There Any Reason
    • 3:42
      The Kelly Richey BandWithout a Trace
    • 5:19
      Kelly RicheyThe Artist In Me
    • 2:51
      Kelly RicheySister's Got A Problem